The Firm

We are a group of lawyers dedicated to social justice and serving our clients. We offer legal services to individuals, non profit organizations and small businesses to help them defend and exercise their legal rights. We are vigorous and skilled advocates of our clients and the causes we espouse.

We represent clients in civil courts, administrative bodies and at the Régie du logement.

We understand that every client’s needs are unique and tailor our services accordingly. In some files, we represent clients from the moment a legal issue arises, through to judgement and appeal. In cases when financial resources are more limited, we offer “bundled services”: one consultation, a legal opinion, or drafting a single document for a fixed fee.

We accept legal aid mandates in most Régie du logement matters.

In addition to maintaining practices in which we serve individual clients, all of our lawyers and jurists have strong interests and extensive experience in public law matters, including human rights, environmental and municipal law, sustainable development and international trade.